Hallowed Bells


Electronic songs-without-words and abstract soundscapes out of Philadelphia, PA


Many Faces (2016)

Many Faces Cassette The Many Faces EP cassette is a split with Darian's pop project Still Sweet, released on Edible Onion in April 2016. The Hallowed Bells side is made up of two very different pop songs, the dreamy, 80s-inspired instrumental “Pink Velvet” and the darkly mesmerizing “Radiolaria,” our first track to feature Alison on vocals. The artwork is screen printed in pink on metallic green paper and based on the work of 19th century biologist and illustrator Ernst Haeckel. Edition of 100.

Violet Hands (2015)

Violet Hands Cassette The Violet Hands EP was released in May 2015 on Edible Onion and in June 2015 by Hylé Tapes in Europe. The four tracks on the 20-minute cassette explore a darker, denser sound with more complex beats, willful chromaticism and modular synth noise, creating an expansive, cinematic feel that has led to comparisons to Italian horror soundtrackers Goblin. The cassette covers are individually hand painted and embossed on sparkle paper. Edition of 100.

Hallowed Bells Cassette (2014)

Hallowed Bells Cassette Hallowed Bells' first EP was recorded in January and February of 2014 in Darian's attic studio in Philadelphia. Spanning twenty minutes, these six songs contrast pristine, lyrical melodies with dissonant harmony and interweave warm and sparkling electronic pop with dark soundscapes that evoke fathomless deep water and vast space. The lushly detailed arrangements utilize 1960s combo organs, Rhodes piano, a 120 year old piano and an assortment of homemade and vintage analog and modern synthesizers. It was released on cassette by the Washington, DC based label Blight Records in an edition of 200.

You can order it through our bandcamp page and listen to it below.